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We produce blueberry planting material
Starting from a vision and a small laboratory arranged in the garage of our house in 2005, we started the production of these special plants for our own plantation. There is demand for planting material, the nursery as a business has developed, and today we are the largest nurseries producing blueberry plants by the in-vitro propagation method in southeastern Europe. Complementary we have developed services departments for setting up orchards and expert advice for accessing non-refundable funds.


By choosing our company, you benefit from the experience gained over the years of activity and you will be able to develop a profitable business by growing blueberries.

Plants produced in our own laboratory are obtained in vitro micropropagation procedure. Protocol forRead more


Material quality planting product in our nurseries is officially certified with the blue label and the C.A.C.Read more


We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with the necessary assistance to build aRead more


Our team offers professional services of consulting and designing of plantations. We have a portfolioRead more

Nurseries Olunden

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We were among the first customers of this nurseries and during the 12 years we managed to maintain a successful collaboration. Through the support and attention of mr. Olunden I created a profitable business with these fruits.

Dan Timis

We are pleased because we have chosen to invest in a blueberry plantation, and after 3 years of production we have managed to expand with another 7 hectares.

Stefan Simion

A diligent, serious and friendly team, so they can catalogue this company. 

Steti Claudiu


For information and price offers, you can write to us here.
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